The Cannon

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FREE RANGE PORK SCRATCHINGS with apple sauce £3.50
PIE & GRAVY £7.00
MOTHERSHIP Pie, mash, peas, gravy, Cheddar & crispy shallots £11.50
MOO A British beef steak & craft ale pie. GF OPTION+£1
MOODOG A British beef steak, bacon & ale pie
KATE & SIDNEY A British beef steak, kidney & craft ale pie
MOO & BLUE A British beef steak & stilton pie
MEXICOW British beef, kidney bean, chilli & Cheddar pie
FREE RANGER Free range British chicken & ham hock pie with leek & thyme. GF OPTION+£1
CHICKEN OF ARAGON A free range British chicken, smoked bacon & tarragon pie
HEIDI (v) A Somerset goats’ cheese, sweet potato, spinach & red onion pie. GF OPTION+£1
SAAG PIE-NEER (v) A pea, paneer, spinach, potato, chilli & mango pie
KEVIN (vg) Mushroom, tomato & red wine pie with baby onions & thyme
HERBIE HOG Free range British pork & herbs £3.50
HOT HOG Free range British pork & chilli £3.50
CHEESY RIDER (v) Cheddar, leek & herbs
Smokey Joe 6oz chuck steak patty, smoked streaky bacon, American cheese, Tommy J, dirty mayo, salad & homemade bun £8.00
Moo Blue 6oz chuck steak patty, stilton, Tommy J, dirty mayo, salad & homemade bun £7.50
Chilli Beef Melt 6oz chuck steak patty, chilli beef, American cheese, fresh jalapenos, dirty mayo, lettuce & homemade bun £8.50
Chicken Katsu Louisiana fried chicken breast, Katsu curry sauce, dirty mayo, fresh chilli, coriander, onion & homemade bun £8.00
Buffalo Fire Louisiana fried chicken ,American cheese, dirty mayo, buffalo sauce, lettuce & homemade bun £7.50
Lou 's Fried Chicken Louisiana fried chicken breast, dirty mayo, lettuce & homemade bun £8.00
Barmi Pastrami 6oz chuck steak patty, pastrami, American cheese, onion rings, Tommy J & homemade bun £9.00
The Original Joe 6oz chuck steak patty, American cheese, Tommy J, dirty mayo, salad & homemade bun £7.50
Fun-guy Blues (v) Mushroom patty, American cheese, jalapeno, dirty mayo, lettuce & homemade bun £8.50
Carolina Blues American cheese, ranch slaw, blue cheese crumb & Carolina BBQ sauce £7.50
Dirty Jalapeno Wild boar sausage, fresh jalapenos, American cheese & dirty mayo £7.50
Salty Dog Wild boar sausage, pastrami, American cheese, gherkins & Kansas City BBQ sauce £9.00
Cheese ' n ' Frites Wild boar sausage, fries, American cheese & dirty mayo £7.00
Chilli Dog Wild boar sausage, chilli beef, American cheese, fresh jalapenos & dirty mayo £8.00
Stars + Stripes A classic dog with fried onions, American mustard & homemade Tommy J! £9.00
Why not pimp up your burger or dog with some of our mouthwatering mods!
Double Patty £3.00
Streaky Bacon £2.00
Onion Rings £1.50
Blue Cheese £1.50
Gherkins £50p
Jalapenos £1.00
American Cheese £1.50
Dickie Fries (v Large fries, onions, American cheese, dirty mayo & buffalo sauce £4.50
Katsu (v) Large fries, Katsu curry sauce, onions, coriander & chilli £4.00
Carolina Fries (v) Large fries, onions, American cheese & Carolina BBQ sauce £4.50
Animal Fries (v) Large fries , onions, American cheese & dirty mayo £4.50
Add fried chicken + £2.50
Chicken Strips x 3 choice of dip £4.50
Chicken Strips x5 choice of dip £7.50
Cajun Buttered Corn £3.00
Skin on Fries £2.50
Mac 'N' Cheese Bites £4.00
Ranch Slaw £2.00
BBQ Beans £2.00
Bucket of Wings & Dip £6.50
1/2 Rack of Baby Back Ribs £6.00
Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs £10.00
Sharing Platter (serves 2) Chicken wings, chicken strips, Mac 'N' Cheese Bites, 1/2 Rack of Ribs, choice of sauces and dips. Double up for £40.00 £20.00
Dip Choices: Carolina, Kansas City, Buffalo, Dirty Mayo + Tommy J
Why not take a look at our in-house brownie bar....handcrafted and completely decadent!
(v) = Vegetarian option. All dishes are prepared where there may be traces of nuts. For any questions regarding the allergen contents of specific dishes please contact us and we'll provide our allergen menu.
All items, names, branding, description and logos are property and trade marks of Levain Catering Limited and Smokey Joe
Tuna Crunch Tuna mayo with onions, tomatoes and peppers £6.00
Mac 'n' Cheese Gooey mac & cheese topped with grated cheese £5.00
Naughty Dog Chopped hot dogs, cheese, onions, mustard and tommy j £6.50
Chez Beano Classic with a twist! BBQ beans and American cheese £5.00
Chicken Mayo Griddled chicken with mayo, topped with Cajun slaw £6.50
Chilli Beef Melt Chilli beef, jalapeno and cheese £6.50
BBQ Ranch Mixed greens, romaine, corn, black beans, avocado, tortilla strips and pepper jack cheese £6.50
Cobb Mixed greens, romaine, green onions, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, blue cheese crumbles, avocado and bacon £7.50
Backyard BBQ BBQ baked beans, crispy corn, radishes, romaine, topped with BBQ sauce smothered chicken £7.50